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Montanita, mould and surf

Its been 2 weeks in Ecuador now and things are fairly great. Aside from being dibilitated for a few days with some kind of stomach bug (caused by eating a mouldy pizza) and getting shoved about by some old drunk in Quito its been cool. Currently trying to pick up some spanish at the local school here in Montanita along side some surfing at the local beach. Had a coupla mad bus journeys, one through the Andes with a spanish Jean Claude Van damme film on full blast and the other was packt like sardines in a tin…

The choice of food here is amazing and its all really cheap. Fruit and milk smoothies available on the roadside and fresh fish and produce being peddled around on bicycles by the local fishermen and farmers. I have been doing some sampling on a small panasonic distaphone but I fear the quality will be fairly shite. I suppose i can mix it up with other sounds to make the most of it. Every day I get woken up by the next door neighbours rooster and turkeys so I am gonna try and get a good shot of them before I move on. The people here are really friendly and I have met some like minded folk which is cool. There are a litter of puppies and kittens next to where we are living, altogether now…ahhhhhh.

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In the beginning….

Well then…… the Man-made Noise album is complete after many hours of carving sounds up with noses pressed against a PC screen. Its gonna be released In September. I am well chuffed and want to say a massive thanks to James Markham for helping make it possible. Also many thanks for the guests who kindly gave their time … Graham Tramner, Grant and Lloyd Paddington, Nic Dunn, Debs Fisher, Smudger, Dale and Lewi.

Man-made noise

Man-made disappearance occurs next week. A trip down to London this sunday (8th June) for a coupla days will be followed by a Tuesday morning’s departure from the country…I sold my Man-made house so no ties to bind me…lets see what happens…. watch this space.

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