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The dead lady with missing legs (and other short stories)

Parted company with Dutch Frank in the Jungle at Merazonia feeling as fit as a butchers dog after much lifting and tottering down narrow awkward trails stacked up with building materials. Had a cracking time helping out there and even got an exploratory trek to the outreaches of the area and a strange spooky place. Frank explained a year or so ago the remains of an old lady (minus her legs) were discovered high on the jungle covered mountain a coupla hundred meters from the place we were working. The police were called and a uniformed man arrived on a motorbike with a large hand gun in the back of his trousers. After proceeding to the remains, they discovered a large eagle screeching high in the trees and Frank claimed it was the only one he had ever seen in the area and had also been there on the discovery giving out the same solitary warning.

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The Jungle, roasted Guinea Pigs and I forgot about Banksy

I must say that this here trip started in London. We went for a bit of a wander, bought general supplies, had a crap phillipino meal, had a great BBQ and saw the incredible artwork in the subway near the London eye commissioned by Banksy. If you wanna see some of the best modern art around then check out some of that stencil work.

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