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Bitten by a dog but not yet foaming

dog bite from equadorIn Ecuador, Vilcabamba and decided to do a bit of a hike up into the mountains to a deserted lodge. We pick up the key from a french lady who owns a cafe in town and bump into a strange jack the lad cockney who raves about medicinal ceremonies and can hardly speak he´s so mashed, he has told the locals he won the lottery … obviously a bank robber.  Anyhow, 45 mins into the hike and we are lost. We already had to take our shoes off to cross a river and then found our way in someones banana plantation. I lead the way through this farmers land and I saw a house between the trees. As I approached, the family who were sat around the dinner table, got up quickly to see who was approaching unexpectedly. This must have sent a signal to the fit but friendly looking dog on the porch. I made eye contact with the family and began a warm and apologetic greeting still moving towards them and in that moment the dog lurched forward biting hard and proper through my shorts into my thigh only a few inches away from the “crown jewels.”

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