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Nothing to declare officer… Oh..

There are a few rules when you pass a police checkpoint. Follow the instructions you are given, clearly and precisely. Don’t say anything which might lead an officer to become suspicious.

So we left El Bolson in the Andes. I previously stated that it is a bit of a hippie town so you could understand why a police checkpoint down the road might have reason to employ a sniffer dog to ensure the highway isnt used as a trafficking route for Marijuana.

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Catch the face

I have been in Argentina now for bout 3 weeks and I can feel me heart screaming at me to stop eating steak. Its difficult not to when its so cheap. I kid you not they are the weight of a small child and I should know, I´ve eaten enough of em. Small children that is.

Spent a night in Salta following the border crossing. Saw a mummified child in the local museum who had been struck by lightning hundreds of years ago and preserved on a mountain top. Got a bus down to Buenos Aires and sat next to Sergio, an engineer who told me about his wife and three girlfriends and how Argentina was “muchas sex” (with actions).

Spent 5 nights in Buenos Aires and could have probably stayed for a year or so. Went to a park with hundreds of stray cats milling about. Saw Eva Peron´s grave at the majestic Recoleta cemetary and splashed out on a proper Tango show which was immaculate.

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