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L.A, Elijah Wood and Glow worms

Hollywood freaks

So, we were at the airport in Santiago ready to get a flight over to New Zealand and this guy comes over wearing a uniform and asks if we would be willing to stay in Chile for another night because the flight was full. The deal was that we were to stay in the Sheraton hotel for the night and the following day, with meals, plus $300 (or $800 off LAN flights). Errr lets just think about that for a minute.

So, back at the Sheraton, in the pool after having a decent nights kip in a luxury room with top notch fodder and ….wait for it… a bath, things are pretty cushy. Being paid for lounging about in a hotel, playing my guitar and watching films is something I could get used to. On arriving back at the airport that evening to take our flight we were approached once more by the same chap who asked if we would be interested in doing the same again but we pulled faces and ummed and aaghed and so we got $400 (or $1200 off LAN flights) and again I found myself in a hotel, sleeping, playing a bit of tennis (in skinny fit jeans) with the superlative king Andy Merrington and Jacqui Walls and generally getting paid for chilling out.

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