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Squashed toe and hot water beach

The other day I went to Hot water beach. Sounds a little strange. The sea is pretty cold as most seas are, however you can make your own hot spa.

Just hire a spade from the local shop, then head down to a spot by the rocks on the sand and dig a hole. You have to do this two hours either side of low tide in order for it to be possible because the ‘special’ place gets covered by the sea most of the day.  As with most holes that are dug in sand at sea level, they fill with water however at this location a fresh spring water reservoir which is heated geothermically seeps up to fill your hole with water at a temperature of roughly 60 degrees Celsius..thats HOT! Its too hot for most people to bathe in, so by mixing your very own spa water with a couple of bucket fulls from the sea you can create the perfect bath. Then just jump in and relax.

Over the last month I have played a couple of impromptu outdoor gigs and managed to do a bit more sampling. I need to pick up a few bits and pieces for my live show as its quite stripped down. I wasnt thinking cymbals between the knees or anything like that but just a couple of effects pedals and maybe something else..

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