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Shark attacks, cyclones, forest fires, Irish dancing on smack

Australia really is an island of extremes. At the moment, over 100 people have been killed in Victoria among uncontrollable forest fires and roads are blocked in the north of Queensland as Cyclone weather disrupts travel networks. I am due to meet with ex hollywood actress Diane Cilento whom I originally contacted over a year ago to ask permission to use some of her dialogue which I sampled from film “The Wickerman” for use in an Ernest track (Ernest being my former band). We have stayed in touch since and after almost meeting at an ‘exit calm’ gig in London last year, we will finally meet in person hopefully when I manage to get to Cairns. I sent Diane a copy of the Man-made album and she has offered me a gig at her rain forest theatre after the rainy season so I must return!

wicker man

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