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Halloween freaks – lets not get killed

I am  in Tokyo again now after doing a couple of slots in Osaka and Kyoto, enjoying some pleasant sunny days, and experiencing Halloween fancy dress  …Japan style. A more appropriate name would be …Halloween cross dressing and homo-eroticism..

I`ll have a pint of draft please

I`ll have a pint of draft please

After taking a long journey from Kyoto to the outskirts of Osaka, I played at See Ya! a small but friendly live house where I after finishing my set, was told that my second stint would be due after a 20 min interval…..SECOND set?? So I nervously  slipped outside behind the club and started dragging out  part finished songs and a couple of covers from the depths of my mind frame to fulfill my unexpected commitment. As it happened I fudged my way through some brand new songs and finished with an ad hock looping extravaganza for which I was glad all patrons were Japanese, because the words were quite literally piffle that I was making up on the spot. .. It went down a storm tho! » Read the rest of this entry

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