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Jonny Greenwood and Penderecki (the Jedi Master)

On Thurs I was lucky enough to have a ticket for the Barbican in London to see Krzysztof Penderecki conduct his landmark piece ‘Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima’. It was spine chilling. When he walked onto stage, he oozed eminence…a Jedi Master indeed. Jonny Greenwood who was sat a few rows in front of me with the rest of his band, had two of his compositions played too. All of the music on offer was pretty intense… but phenomenally atmospheric. If yer don’t know, some of Penderecki’s music is in ‘The Shining’. Strings to accompany the deterioration of a psychopath.. nuff said.
This morning I was treated to the offerings of a cat. Fine offerings I am sure you will agree.


This week, I am working on a soundtrack, helping out on a film being made by some guys and gals from the learning difficulties group at Northbrook college. They each have their own story to tell of their fondest memories and fantasies. Zoe is intimidated with the noise in the canteen, one day she goes in to find Gary Barlow behind the counter. He then serves her free cake…. genius! Ray goes to see Brighton play against Man utd but the manager of Brighton doesn’t have enough players. He calls for Ray who puts on his kit, only to go on and score the winning goal of the FA cup final before being presented with the trophy from the Queen… Match of The Day theme coming up!! This is my kinda project..

NME Awards, Chaos and Spooky Woods

Last week I put the finishing touches to a composition for the Brighton Half Marathon to accompany their promotional video. I gave it a bit of the Hendrix treatment but there is also definitely a tip of the cap towards ‘The Strokes’.

I am currently working on the music for a short animated film and have been collecting some field recordings to apply to a spooky forest scene. This lead me to borrow a friends Bulldog called Chaos to record his heavy breathing, and on a separate occasion to a nearby eerie woodland where I found an animals leg hanging in a tree and without wanting to sound like a closet botanist…some wonderful moss. The random animal leg freaked me out slightly… but in a strange way I liked it.

Don’t ask how, but last week I found myself ducking under the paparazzi on the red carpet at the NME awards. Being in close proximity to celebrities is slightly bizarre and there was certainly some ego-tripping at the gates of hell going on, however, highlights were seeing Pulp live, saying hello to Noel Fielding, whose face is really something to behold in the flesh (I am not gay) and getting free Domino pizza delivered to the table. Its a shame I don’t drink because there was a mountain of free booze..but there was ginger beer…result.

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