Rabbit eggs

The murmurings of a Radio 4 presenter and the clinking of crockery leak out of the kitchen, intertwined like musique concrete, gently soothing the rabble of a chattering mind. So now you are here. Lets talk.

Mr Markham utilising laptop case as fashion accessory

Legend has it that a man was killed. He was put in a cave. He came back to life again. We celebrate this event by eating chocolate eggs. Somewhere among folklore, some rabbits got involved. Rabbits don’t lay eggs…. they lay lots of tiny black egg shaped things….these are not chocolate….they are not edible.

There was one day last week where during the morning its acceptable to tell someone a lie. When they believe the lie, you call them a fool. If you tell the lie after 12:00 noon….you are the fool…… fools.

Man made noise activity is bubbling away. …. there will be sound tracking on Japanese TV, videos being shot and this weekend we are entering the studio to lay down drums and stuff for the new album. We will be powered by a 7 inch version of orvilles song and saag aloo.

‘Glamourous cake stall holder’ is the first song which has already been partly recorded at sonic rooms. Its a tribute to the talented Amy Black who was an opera singer from Hedon near Hull and sadly passed away late last year. I was lucky enough to get stuck on a delayed train with her…. she sang for Placido Domingo…That’s Rock n Roll.

Ta to them who came out to see us at the Sesh and Welly. Ta also to Dominic Trimm who disappearedĀ  behind the curtains and came out doing a grand job as James Markham for the evening. We have a few more gigs coming up in Hull and further afield and a bit of a Radio slot on 18th April. Just check Myspace for up to date details.

lava lamp and friends

I just got a new amp……. If there was such a thing as ear sex, this amp would be heavily involved…spangly when I want spangle….grunt when I want grunt…..and it shall be known as Blackstar…grunt…grunt

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