If in doubt.. make a hole in the bottom of the ocean.


Men record sound of steel wires vibrating at different wavelengths.

Men record sound of sticks hitting plastic membranes in rhythmic fashion.

Men record sound of human vocal chords reciting colloquial English.

Album number 2 shaping up nicely.

Beautiful Studio friend bites dust

As perhaps seen on facebook postings, an Album of Philip Larkin poems set to music was released in June – ‘All Night North’. Man made noise performed track 1…Mr Bleaney. Its a cracking CD that shows off the talents of some super artists which this Kings town upon the river of Hull has to offer.

We performed at Beverley folk festival last month in an acoustic style as part of the Larkin 25 activities. Some people said some lovely things and that was nice. Interesting poems. Northern grit. Speckled Hen.

Myself and Lord Chanwell also did a radio interview along with Jim Orwin the top chap who organised said album. Here is our live performance.

For groundbreaking folk music ….see Hull’s Awash with Antler. For an ‘in yer face’ heavy as yer like band with a nutcase Liverpudlian leprechaun front man who preaches the way of the wabba wabba plant and can play guitar like steve vai …see Metro Manila aide. For brutal, heart wrenching unputdownable read see The Kite Runner. For avoiding disappointment ….avoid watching the England International football team.

Oh yeah and a thick black contaminant is gushing out of hole in the ocean floor at an inconceivable rate, causing widespread environmental damage.

James almost got stuck in a house fire and was lucky to escape with his life and his girl when some ‘Toe-rag’ set alight his bin. Smoke alarms rule OK. Toe-rags need setting alight…..or be made to tidy up some council gardens. Lets be fair now.

Toe rag damage

Toe rag damage

We smashed it up at BOMfest in Barnsley last week wi Gilby, Dave and the lads from Gaia. It woh a reet blast. wi wohrravvinitt large darn int drum an bass tent arl neet. Dub tent woh mekkin us guts vibrate! Thas gotta check idart next year. Top people… proper for the music… no bullshit…sweet xx

We have a gig on the horizon at Sesh, Linnet and Lark for the Loverley Mak. 31st Aug…put it in yer diaries. Apart from that, its an acoustic solo thing at the history centre on 9th aug for the Larkin 25 celebrations where Mr Bleaney can be heard and then behind closed doors, studio tinklings until a masterpiece is complete….

There are gonna be some personnel changes coming up as James heads off to work his magic on the big stages around the UK however we shall be pulling together a manifesto and call to arms for a man made revolution very soon. We have not yet begun. BE PREPARED.

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