Clocks back, chin up, teeth grit, mix mix mix

I can hear a bristling world of glitch. Analog dirt sickens brittle bones…the flock all seem to take it in turns popping sacred cherries and violating the coughed up seed of youth. Believe in the sick Tommy…believe in the sick.


Lost in a BBC style

Abstract observations aside…. we haven’t been drumming our fingers on the insides of this tank for the good of our health. We have been blending tones…refining timbre….sweetening the pulse of delicate throbbings…. massaging dark corners of reverberation…

Video Shoot

If you go on holiday...we will use your house for a video Shoot - pic Dom Trimm

As the fruits of our itchy minds come to ripen, so a well trodden path will be furnished with our heels.

Aside for a brief acoustically formed support to the top notch bluesical ‘Nicol Band’, the Man Made focus will be completion of new recordings. It is anticipated for the start of the new year to be done and dusted and poss release sometime thereafter……(loose…keep it loose). Plans are beginning to hatch for UK tour dates and a return to the land of the rising sun….

fresh leaf

Fresh Leaf

In the mean time, get out yer seasonal depressional obsessional deficiency syndrome thingy …. polish it…put it on the mantelpiece and lets enjoy a bit of getting ‘Wrapped Up Warm’ my darlings. Apologies for a distinct lack of Man Made action of late… all you lovely people who have been calling for another installment… stay patient. There will be some sporadic, unadvertised and un-promoted events appearing without warning mainly under the radar…… aside from that….It WILL be akin to slow roasted lamb…..worth the wait xxxxxxx

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