Disrespected by the Lord Mayor but what lovely canapes and we're off to Japan :)

It seems like the last few times i bashed these keys, I bashed em in an order which told you that the new man made noise album is approaching completion. We did some more drums for the final three songs just before xmas and are laying up the rest of the instruments reet now so not long to go. Oh yeah…happy new year! Along with the studio work, we did some impromptu gigs and had loads of stuff played on BBC Introducing, plus we are heading out to Japan again in spring for another two week tour so plenty to smile about :)

Lord Chanwell III in a Larkin style with poet and muso journalist Michelle Dee

Me and Lord Chanwell III performed in an acoustic style at the Larkin 25 closing event at FRUIT a few weeks ago. Larkin 25 was a 25 week celebration of 25 years since the passing of seminal English poet Philip Larkin. There were Larkin poetry recitals by actors, interesting films to Larkin narrative and some great original mutterings. We took to the stage however, and as we played our adaptation to music of Larkin’s ‘Mr Bleaney’, some of the crowd.. including the Lord Mayor, thought it was time to have a little chat. Anyway.. the canapes flew, a toad got killed and the Lord Mayor walked out of there with a red wine bib and egg on his face… or maybe like brother to brother, we just turned the other cheek and had a tantrum outside.  Aside from all of that, we had a fairly good time.

Me and Lord Chanwell III in a Larkin style

New Years Eve saw us share the stage with the mighty fine Belle Collective at the hip hangout known as LAMP (Jelly sweet heaven). Among the throng, there were tattooed men fashioning blue rinse hair and crimpolene garments. We were honoured to have Brian Gadie from ‘The Nicol Band’ guesting on the bass guitar who was slightly distraught after he fumbled a catch with the shaker and it disappeared under the stage. He redeemed himself by beatboxing instead.

And it snowed. And it was beautiful. And a video was shot for a forthcoming single release. And a single launch party will occur. and..and… and……see you soon. x

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