Since the beginning, man made noise.
Lets say the beginning was the release of a debut album
in 2008. Some people said….

“ an intoxicating cocktail which bubbles with
suprising flourishes at every turn….
an inventive and unassuming treat”
Rock n Reel  4/5

“channeling Elliott Smith from beyond the grave
mixed with a quintessential English vibe
reminiscent of Badly Drawn Boy”
Ten foot city

Lets say the release of that album was followed by a one man voyage of epic proportions.
There were Hollywood stars who were salt of the earth and a cactus trip to end all trips.
Acoustic guitars and voice beats were looped, heads nodded, jaws hung.. people forgot language
and intertwined.

Man Made Noise

Lets say the voyage came full circle and finished in a once prosperous fishing city.
A city where fishing has died and the money has slipped away but a large vacuous glass shopping
centre and the people remain.
Lets say there was a new beginning and a band was formed. …So now you are here.
From the voyage came inspiration and samples… ‘Man Survives’ – 2nd Album  released.
Performances on the BBC’s airwaves, festivals & live shows have been played with further
UK dates planned and a follow up Japanese odyssey with the newly formed band.


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